Rev Bruce Sheasby

Rev Bruce R.E. Sheasby

Rev Elvis Bruce SheasbyThe Reverend Elvis, Bruce Reinhold Elvis Sheasby, is an author, composer, performing artist and recording artist, radio host, ordained minister and consultant. He is the founder of Your Grace Land ™ Sunday Services, Your Grace Land ™ Radio, Blue Christmas Productions and the Spiritual Community Church of the West.

At the age of 16, Bruce performed “Jailhouse Rock” on “The Gong Show”, at Burbank Studios, California. In 1997 he hosted and won “The International Elvis Gospel Festival” in the small town of Vauxhall, Alberta, planned as a church fundraiser. The event received tremendous local, national and international media attention and one reporter coined the name “The Reverend Elvis” for Bruce. It stuck! He later added “Elvis” to his legal name. Rev. Elvis sang “Peace in the Valley” at the “Crystal Cathedral” and has performed and recorded with “Elvis’ Imperials”, Elvis Presley’s original back up gospel singers.

After obtaining his B.A. (high distinction) in Philosophy and Economics (U of Toronto, 1982), Bruce worked his way around the world for 4 1/2 years, an experience which gave him insight and imbued his respect for the cultures, traditions and beliefs of all people. He obtained a Master’s of Divinity (Vancouver School of Theology, 1994) and was ordained in 1995 in the United Church of Canada.

In 2006 he left the United Church, going public with an open letter titled “They Stepped on my Blue Suede Shoes” and at a news conference he explained that he had been bullied and abused by the United Church and sang “…you can do anything but lay off my Blue Suede Shoes…” Subsequently still wanting to pursue his calling he then founded the Spiritual Community Church of the West, a non-denominational movement. Bruce believes religion at it’s worst is about negative control, and instead promotes Spirituality more than religion. He believes you can be Spiritually tuned in without being religious.

His upcoming book “Your Grace Land ™ – A Bridge to a Better Tomorrow” lays out 18 Inspirational Core Values ™ relevant to all aspects of life, “regardless of one’s religious belief or lack of it, but nevertheless anchored to my own Christian faith”. The book is accompanied by a CD of the Rev’s own recordings. At his 20th annual Blue Christmas Concert in 2013 he introduced “The Rev. Elvis anti-bullying Blue Suede Shoes Shuffle” based on one of his Inspirational Core Values ™, “Transformation”, being about moving from victim to empowerment!

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