Your Grace Land ™

Your Grace Land

Your Grace Land ™ is the hub of services, multimedia and events of Rev. Bruce R.E. Sheasby, The Reverend Elvis. Your Grace Land ™:
• Offers message and music to lift your Spirit
• Bridges the sacred with the secular
• Features Inspirational Core Values ™ with practical application relevant to all aspects of life, including personal growth, relationships, business, the arts, sports, and so much more.
• Encourages Inspirational Core Values ™ of authenticity, purpose, passion, meaning, creation, vision, prosperity, synergy, wellness, generosity, adventure, tenacity, helpfulness, growth, enlightenment, respect, transformation and bridge building.

Living individually and/or collectively with these Inspirational Core Values ™ is what Rev. Elvis calls “Your Grace Land ™” as he explains in the introduction of his upcoming book by that title.

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