“Your Grace Land ™ – A Bridge to a Better Tomorrow”

The Reverend Elvis’ upcoming book is called “Your Grace Land ™ – A Bridge to a Better Tomorrow.” The following is an excerpt from the Introduction:

“The song ‘This Land is Your Land, this Land is My Land’ shares a powerful message that our identity can be tied not only to a physical land but – through our individual and collective experiences – to a sense of belonging which transcends the physical to make a deep heartfelt connection. This is what I call ‘Your Grace Land ™.’ It is the bridge that connects

The invisible with the visible
The sacred with the secular
Dreams with reality
Today with a better tomorrow
Inspirational Core Values ™ with practical applications that are realistically doable”

The book includes 18 chapters with each chapter relating to one of the Inspirational Core Values ™ inspired by the author’s life experiences and insights. Each Inspirational Core Value is tied to a recording on an accompanying CD of The Reverend Elvis’s original songs as well as his recordings of popular and gospel songs also recorded by Elvis Presley. Inspirational Core Values ™ are relevant to all aspects of life; including personal growth, relationships, business, the arts, sports, and so much more.

18 Inspirational Core Values ™ are: authenticity, purpose, passion, meaning, creation, vision, prosperity, synergy, wellness, generosity, adventure, tenacity, helpfulness, growth, enlightenment, respect, transformation and bridge building.

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