Rev. Bruce is available to provide consulting drawing on his Inspirational Core Values ™ with a practical application that is realistically doable. Inspirational Core Values ™ are relevant to all aspects of life including business, politics, health, relationships, sports and professionalism, and they provide a meaningful bridge between the sacred and the secular as Bruce explains in the introduction of his upcoming book: “Your Grace Land ™ – A Bridge to a Better Tomorrow”

“…We live in an interesting time. The ‘free world’ is founded on a respect and reverence for God and His Creation and the inherent dignity of man and woman created in God’s image. God is often referenced in National anthems, such as in Canada, “God keep our land glorious and free”. Public currency such as in the U.S. reminds us ‘In God we trust’. Important foundational documents such as U.S. Declaration of Independence affirms “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Yet our societies have also grown to respect freedom of religion and certain core beliefs such as faith in God as a ‘private matter’, not to interfere with public or civic life. Aside from Remembrance Day ceremonies or times of great tragedy where one might hear national leaders referencing prayers, generally there is a separation or disconnect between Spirituality and the public life in the ‘secular world’. One’s faith may help or inspire one to operate in the ‘real world’ but it is not to be spoken about in practical everyday affairs such as business, politics, science, etc.

Inspirational Core Values ™ can be the bridge between the Spiritual and the Secular, relevant regardless of one’s personal beliefs. Inspirational Core Values ™ are relevant without imposing or implying beliefs which are respected to be personal. Yet at the same time, they provide a means of bringing together interests or identities which are otherwise not sharing a common ground or language. For example, when talking of building a pipeline across Native lands, we recognize our Aboriginal Peoples have a deep respect for their Creator which is intrinsically part of their identity.

Yet business does not count spiritual belief as something relevant to or within their expertise to address in negotiations. For First Nations people, it is essential to honour the Sacred in such discussions, and doing so could, in fact, provide a breakthrough in linking respect for the sacred with public value. Solutions can be found by finding common ground in Inspirational Core Values ™ which are consistent with a belief in Creator and yet also relevant to Secular Society, in that they do not imply an acceptance of religious belief.

As the Reverend Elvis, with the one foot of ‘The Reverend’ in the sacred and the other foot of “Elvis” in the secular, my expertise and passion is in bridging these 2 worlds. Inspirational Core Values ™ are relevant to all aspects of life including business, politics, health, relationships, sports, professionalism, etc.; regardless of religious tradition or disbelief in it, regardless of theistic, spiritual, agnostic or atheistic belief.”

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