Spiritual Prosperity Meditations

Spirtual ProsperitySpiritual Prosperity

Prosperity is one of the Inspirational Core Values ™ at Your Grace Land ™. Spiritual Prosperity means putting God and Grace first in our lives. Achievement and success flow from this primary faith. Worldly prosperity is still important, yet secondary. As Jesus says: ”Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you!”

Spiritual Prosperity Meditations:

These 5 minute meditations will help you on your Spiritual journey to focus your thoughts, awareness and prayers on the reality that you are richly blessed by God. There are 10 themes, each anchored in Bible verses, with a breathing meditation followed by the Lord’s Prayer.

1. PGM 1 – God is Love!

Unconditional lavish abundant love, and is with us always!

2. PGM 2 – God is Good!

Divine goodness is with us always. Our highest good is to abide in God.

3. PGM 3 – God is Light!

Enlightenment is that divine truth shines on us all the time. We reflect God’s light.

4. PGM 4 – God is With Us!

He is our eternal internal supply and our Divine assurance.

5. PGM 5 – God is Giving!

He is generous and is our unlimited supply.

6. PGM 6 – God Fulfills!

God meets our highest needs and desires. God quenches our Spirit!

7. PGM 7 – God is Liberating!

He sets us free, so Let Go and Let God!

8. PGM 8 – God Lifts Us Up!

He renews and restores. With God we rise again!

9. PGM 9 – God Inspires!

Divine energy flows through me, with the peace of a mighty river!

10. PGM 10 – God is the Source!

of true Prosperity. We trust in God!

Go with Grace and Go with God!
Rev. Bruce R.E. Sheasby

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